Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Nails

This is a super easy and quick tutorial for these spooky yet festive Nightmare Before Christmas nails, perfect for the holidays or Halloween! All the supplies are very inexpensive and not hard to find either. You don’t need any special training for this look, just some cheap household items and 15 minutes or so! Please keep in mind that I am not a professional or anywhere near a hand model so please bear with me!

Gather these supplies to start:

  1. Base coat nail polish
  2. OPI nail polish in ‘Alcatraz Rocks’
  3. Sally Hansen nail polish in ‘Cherry Red’
  4. Regular black and white nail art polish
  5. Regular clear top coat nail Polish
  6. Bobby pin
  7. (Optional) acetone sponge jar and/or cheap dollar store paint brush

Now that we have all the supplies we need, we’re ready to start! 

We’ll begin with clean nails, topping them with your regular base coat of polish.

One coat down of the OPI nail polish in the shade ‘Alcatraz Rocks’. This is a ‘liquid sand’ polish meaning that it feels rough to the touch instead of smooth. If you don’t want to buy new nail polish or use liquid sand polish that’s totally fine, just use any purple/dark blue that you have in place of this shade!

For the next step you’ll need the bobby pin, the two bottles of nail art polish, the Sally Hansen polish in ‘Cherry Red’, and the optional cheap paint brush. 

You’re going to take the white art polish and make a small half circle at the end of your thumb nail. Then, make a small line above that circle with somewhat rounded edges. The red polish can overlap a tiny bit so don’t worry, make a small rectangle like shape above the white line.

This is what you should have so far! Now you can make the rest of Jack. Using the bobby pin tip, dip it in the black polish and make two small dots on the edge of the nail to make it look like he’s peering over. Add some angry eyebrows if you want too! Use the bobby pin to make small half circles around the white line above his head to make it look fluffy. Then make two small lines along the edge of the red polish to complete his hat!

To finish the look, make stripes on your other fingers or paint the tips black. It’s completely up to you! Cover then with a top coat and you’re good to go!

So what do you think? Did you try this tutorial or have another idea? share with us in the comments!

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