Haunted Mansion Holiday

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Location: New Orleans Square in Disneyland and Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland (This ride is located at Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland)

Ride type: a dark ride in slow moving ‘doom buggies’

When to ride: As soon as the rope drops or opt for a Fastpass (Fastpass + for World)

Height Requirements: There are none! Guests can be any height!

Line amenities: Fun little quirks wherever you look, especially once you get inside the building! It’s super cool to see all the little differences from the original designs and songs.

Other Comments: This is a fun indoor ride, be sure to get a Fastpass if the option is available or go during the morning, fireworks, or late evening for short lines. The Nightmare Before Christmas elements make it a little less creepy than usual which might make it more fun for the smaller ones. Highly recommend making this ride a priority though if it is your first time at Disney for the holidays. Since it is slow and indoors, it is great for rainy days or for resting!

History: Tokyo Disney’s version of Haunted Mansion Holiday was originally meant for the Disney World attraction but they abandoned the plans and Tokyo Disneyland got the props instead!

Overall this is a great ride for any age for the holidays. If you’re looking for a thrill ride or one that doesn’t involve singing, you’ve come to the wrong park but also the wrong ride. This version of the haunted mansion is installed late September and is dismantled in early January, meaning that the ride will close for a few weeks before and after for the decorations to be switched out. The dates and times change each year so it is a good idea to check beforehand if you’re dead set on riding it. Below you can find a point of view video to see if the ride fits for you and your family. If you like surprises better, skip the videos and check out some more reviews!





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