Easy and Quick Disney-inspired Holiday Nails

This is a super easy and quick tutorial for these fun red and gold polka-dot Mickey nails, perfect for the holidays or simply for the fall/winter! I went to work with them for one day and already got a compliment, so I’m hoping you will too! All the supplies are very inexpensive and not hard to find either. You don’t need any special training for this look, just some cheap household items and 15 minutes or so! Please keep in mind that I am not a professional or anywhere near a hand model so please bear with me!

Gather these supplies to start:

  1. Base coat nail polish
  2. Essie nail polish in’Life of The Party
  3. Gold glitter nail polish (does not have to be a nail art brush)
  4. Regular clear top coat nail Polish
  5. Bobby pin
  6. (Optional) acetone sponge jar and/or cheap dollar store paint brush
This is the kind I’m talking about!^

Now that we have all our supplies, it’s time to get down to business… (to defeat the Huns).

We’ll start with clean nails, topping them with your regular base coat of polish.

One coat down of the Essie nail polish in the shade ‘Life of The Party’. I believe this shade was part of a holiday edition to boot! If you don’t want to buy new nail polish that’s totally fine, just use a darker red that you have in place of this shade!

Coat 2 and we’re almost there! I realise that the polish got on my skin in some places, bare with me and I’ll show you a secret!

For the next step you’ll need the bobby pin and the optional cheap paint brush. You’re going to take the bobby pin and dip the little ends (like in the picture above) in the gold glitter polish.

Then, in the center of your nail, make 3 small dots with the end of the bobby pin using the gold glitter polish to make a little Mickey head.

Continue with the bobby pin (or don’t if you like the simple look), going along with the shape of the Mickey head to make your other dots like the picture above. Try not to put them too close in order to keep them from turning into a giant glittery blob!

Now after you finish the dots, you may want to clean up around the nails. This is where that cheap brush comes in. Try to find a very small (preferably hard bristled) paint brush at the dollar store or other cheap outlet. Cut the end of the bristles at an angle and dip the brush in the acetone sponge for a quick and inexpensive nail polish removing brush! I can’t tell you how much quicker and easier it is than a cotton swab or waiting for the nail art barrier to dry!

And there you have it! Let them sit for a minute or so, finish it with a top coat. Easy-peasy right? Now your nails will be festive and fun with out the hassle and cost of getting them done!

Let us know how you liked this tutorial and if you tried it! I’d love to hear about your versions!




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