About Me


About Cecilia

Touristude was created by me to help others plan, decide, and become educated on Disney and other theme parks/attractions. The advice and reviews are 100% genuine and from experience. I am located in Chicago, IL and I frequently travel to California to escape the ketchup-less hot dogs and snow.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie even though I am afraid of heights, which makes it easy to tell if a ride will be too scary for anyone squeamish about heights. I’ve tackled rides in 5 different states so far, including (But not limited to): Universal Studios, Disney Parks, Las Vegas, and Wisconsin Dells. I also have four siblings under the age of 12, who I help take care of and love Disney too! Experience wise, I have been (with and without my siblings) to Disney World four times and I have actually lost count of how many times I have been to Disneyland since my one Grandma lives five minutes away from the park! She even has a picture of her and her sister with Walt Disney when they were wee ones!

My other Grandma lives in our state but she has been to Disney World 19 times! Her house is filled with everything Disney, from an old school rotary dial telephone to cookie jars to back scratchers. She has had stock with Disney since 2000 and I have had stock since 2007. She has taught me everything I know about Disney and continues to gossip with me about the latest news from the parks.

The focus of this blog is to make plans, become educated, and get excited for your vacation! Visit any of the links to get ready for your trip!