6 Ways to ‘Disney-fy’ Your Nails

Disney-fy your nails with these quick and easy options that won’t cut into your budget! This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please scroll to the bottom of the page, thank you so much for supporting my blog!

  1. Jamberry Nail Wraps

    Jamberry nail wraps are a new thing that I happened upon not too long ago, they’re super easy and quick to do! They are essentially little sheets of nail stickers that cover the entire nail. You just trim down the sticker to fit your nail and then heat it with a heater and firmly press down on the sticker to keep it snug on your nail. Most people claim their nails last a week or more, only needing to replace when the nail actually grows out. They have an entire collection for Disney as well as holidays, sports, and other fun patterns for both kids and adults!
  2. Decals

    This option is a little more customizable than the nail wraps but require a little more work. You can paint your nails your favorite color and place over these decals, covering it with a top coat to set it. They come in a variety of styles including different Disney characters, park logos, etc. for your Disney inspired mani.
  3. Bedazzled!!

    If you enjoy a little ‘bling’ in your life, this option is for you. Simply paint your nail the color you want, use clear nail glue to secure the little gems and run a top coat over the whole thing. There you have it, a bedazzled and glamorous mani to show off to all the princesses!
  4. Fake Nail Sets
    il_570xn-1083447369_w6w7You can order custom acrylic nail sets off of Etsy, this set in particular is from PolishedThirteen. There are a bunch of different styles, characters, and a choice between matte and glossy finishes. Most run from $10-15 but there are some other sets that run a bit higher that have some extra gems, glued on designs, etc. which I personally don’t think are worth it.
  5. Custom Nail Polish
    il_570xn-844483669_o1qfAnother Etsy option is custom made nail polish like the one pictured here by EverydaySparkleNails. This is super great for a simple option, applying a coat of a correlating color and this on top will give a subtle nod to the main mouse.
  6. DIY
    Joanne Duckmanton on Flickr
    Joanne Duckmanton on Flickr

    It can be as simple as painting all your nails green except for the ring finger purple (Ariel) or using a toothpick to make white polka dots!

    Do you have any ideas for some festive nails? Comment below to share!




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