20 Gifts for The Mickey Mouse Fan Under $20

Finding the perfect present can always be a hassle and cause boatloads of stress from searching. This list can help you find the perfect Mickey Mouse themed items fit for all ages! You can even tie these items into a vacation surprise or use some of them as stocking stuffers, the limits are up to you! This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please scroll to the bottom of the page, thank you so much for supporting my blog!

  1. Backpack

    Great for school, the gym, or a bag for the parks. An extra backpack or simply a new one is always appreciated!
  2. Pins

    If you’re looking for a pin collector, this is perfect. It’s Christmas and Disney themed, making them a little more valuable than the average pin and reminding them of you each time they trade!
  3. Heat Reactive Mug

    This mug doubles as a fun toy, showing the main mouse when hot liquid is in the cup! You can fill the mug with small extras like a pair of cozy socks, nail polish, or hand creams!
  4. Phone Case

    Everyone loves new phone cases and this one is no exception with the happy Mickey faces all over! A great add-on for a new phone or even better as a stocking stuffer.
  5. Calendar

    This is a perfect idea for kids who like to plan out things or to keep track of chores, homework, sports, etc. on the fridge or in your planning nook!
  6. Note pads

    Everyone needs more note pads for writing down thoughts next to the computer, making shopping or to do lists, or just doodling while on the phone! Plus they’re super cute!
  7. Slippers

    Perfect for winter to keep those tootsies warm and snug!
  8. Bracelet

    This Alex and Ani style bracelet is great for the jewelry loving Disney fan! A stocking stuffer option as well.
  9. Watch

    This is a fantastic ‘coming-of-age’ present for the first year of high school or college where time is of the essence! For such a good price, this can even be a stocking stuffer!
  10. Cookie Cutters

    The very best gift for the baker of the family, a set of cookie cutters! These will make sugar cookie shapes a breeze!
  11. Mug Warmer

    This mug warmer will keep anyone’s hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. warm no matter how long they spend on Pinterest!
  12. Water Bottle

    A Mickey Mouse water bottle is a great way to prepare the family for a Disney trip, the work out junkie, or for the person who actually drinks their 8 glasses a day!
  13. Socks

    Keep the tootsies warm and magical with these socks, perfect for stocking stuffers!
  14. Hats

    Make a hat collection bigger or start one! Surprise them with a vacation by topping the presents with misc. hats like this one that lights up!
  15. Mouse Pad

    For the avid blogger, gamer, or student! Makes using a mouse 100 times easier and gives you something to smile about to boot!
  16. Tote bag

    A bag for the parks, for the beach, the pool, kid’s sports, sleepovers, you name it! You can even fill it with other small presents!
  17. Big Tsum Tsum Plush

    I purchased one of these for my Grandma last Christmas and she loves it! She says it’s the perfect size to rest her arm or Ipad on while relaxing at home!
  18. Stuffed Animal

    A stuffed animal is always a cute gift, a smaller one can even fit into a stocking stuffer or sit on top of their other present!
  19. Keychain

    Perfect for stocking stuffing or just on its own, this dangly piece is super cute and functional!
  20. Magnetic Photo Frame

    Take a fun photo with the family to stick in this frame for grandparents or relatives! For the little ones, you can use a picture of them with their friends or sports team!


So which one will be on your wish list next? Have you purchased any of these products? How did you like them? Let us know in the comments!

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