20 Gifts for The Beauty and The Beast Fan For Under $20

With the new live action Beauty and The Beast film coming out sooner than you think, these gifts are sure to be a hit! This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please scroll to the bottom of the page, thank you so much for supporting my blog!

  1. A great present for someone who threw away all their VHS versions or simply enjoy having the DVD’s around. The best part is that the newer Disney movies come with a code for Disney Movies Anywhere which lets you watch the movie on your tablet or smart phone for no extra cost! This option is awesome for the flight or road trip to Disney!

  2. This option might be a little biased but the Christmas style Beauty and the Beast movie is a childhood favorite of mine. Plus, it’s themed! You can even cringe at the early 2000’s effects!

  3. I personally own this mug (purchased from the parks) and I love it! It has a little ‘chip’ painted into the mug to add the finishing touches. It’s not one of those super small mugs either, it has room for lots of creamer!

  4. These glasses are great for the beer drinker or for any beverage! It’ll sort of take away the disappointment of not getting them from McDonalds.

  5. Everyone needs a flip straw cup to keep up on their 8 cups a day! Even better to take along on your next Disney trip to save some cash on drinks!

  6. Prefect for Disney Bounding or just lounging around the house, this tank will keep you cool on hot Florida or California days.

  7. A zillion times less expensive than a Disney Pandora bracelet (perfect for little ones looking for jewelry), this charm bracelet is super cute and subtle!

  8. Keychains are super universal, you can never have enough keychains!

  9. Tsum Tsums are new and super adorable! They also have these available as Belle, Lumiere, etc.

  10. Funko Pop are fun little knick knacks that are perfect for collectors! Same as Tsum Tsum, they come in many characters for variety.

  11. Puzzles are great for all ages and super fun to do with others! I always find it fun to bring one along to family Christmas parties or get togethers for something the whole family can take part in. Who knows, it could even become a tradition!

  12. His Beauty, Her Beast bracelets are perfect for Disney loving couples!

  13. PEZ dispensers are perfect for all ages, at least ones that like candy. You can gobble all the small sweets and keep the container as a keepsake after!

  14. The family baker/princess will love this, keeping them clean and fabulouss!

  15. As a candle lover myself, these sound amazing. Plus, the smell of books is guaranteed with this candle.

  16. If you plan on splurging for a phone this Christmas, a case such as this is a perfect add on! Even so, a new phone case is always great and gives peace of mind. Plus, this one has credit card slots and comes in many styles.

  17. Ornaments are always great for Christmas presents and this one is no exception! It even lights up to add more flair to your tree!

  18. Small pieces of art like this are great for mixing in with family photos on the wall or simply decorating in the bedroom!

  19. If your presentee has a tablet or small laptop, a sleeve for it is perfect! It’s also water resistant in case of a spill.

  20. A themed tote bag is the best for dressing up another present or for the parks! You can always feature it as a reveal for a Disney vacation with little extras tucked inside as well!
    Do you have any ideas for presents not mentioned here? Have you purchased any of these items? How do you like them? Let us know in the comments!!



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